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"We wouldn't invent disease if we didn't have something to take for it."  This quote was from a ~1970 Johny Rivers song (listen to snip on "Big Pharma" where an anouncer on the radio spoke in the background.  Do you think this happens?

An interesting article from the Seattle Times

Inventing disease

New Drug, Havidol

Click picture below to more cartoons and the originating site for cartoons and provoking thoughts



Hospital care and costs are rising.  Are we getting what we pay for? 

Non-profit hospitals

Infant mortality rates in Cuba are lower than those of the United States.  The third link below offers a weak argument why we can't compare the infant mortality rate of the US (6.8) and Cuba (5.3).  The real point is that the US doesn't do as well as 16 industrialized nations, and Cuba does just as well, and most likely better than the US.  Finally, on reading the fourth link below, it is evident there are significant disparities based on race.  For example, non-Hispanic Blacks in Birmingham have a rate of 16.8!

The infant mortality rate in Cuba

Selected world wide infant mortality statistics

Cuba v US infant mortality

Racial and ethnic disparities in US in IMR

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